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The primary reason anyone gets into investing is to grow their capital and have another income stream. But instead of having the bucks coming in, they start going out. And when that starts happening, the investor’s free time and peace of mind become things of the past.

Artificial intelligence transforming our world!

While Human Intelligence looks to adjust to new environments by using a combination of various cognitive processes, AI aims to create machines that can imitate human behavior and perform human-like actions. AI-driven applications have higher speed of execution, have higher operational ability and accuracy, while also highly significant in tedious and monotonous jobs compared to humans. On the contrary, Human Intelligence relates to adaptive learning and experience, thus proved that human can never beat a robot.

Let's look at this brief comparison between individual trader and Artificial Intelligence

Mastering Emotions

Individual Trader

Human brain is naturally biased by emotions and therefore makes irrational decisions in critical moments, like temporary price dropdowns.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is not influenced by emotions and makes only rational, fact-based decisions. No emotion involved means no risk.

Recognizing trends

Individual Trader

No one has time to catch up on daily news nor enough data or the data’s sensible interpretation to recognize trends correctly in multiple periods simultaneously and quick enough to scalp a win.

Artificial Intelligence

An algorithm analyzes hundreds of data points in real-time and instantly spots opportunities for trades with a considerably high win- probability.

Having market knowledge

Individual Trader

Even though everyone has an unlimited access to information online, human brain has limited memory and processing power, which makes it impossible to assess each news correctly, compare trades, analyze historical performance and execute most trades profitably.

Artificial Intelligence

This is precisely where AI gives an enormous advantage. It can retain huge data sets with past performances, news, trends, proven strategies, and much more. Thus, all trading decisions are backed by numbers, data, and statistics.

Having the right tools and utilizing them

Individual Trader

Some investors use advanced tools to predict the future price of a particular asset, often merging multiple strategies. Even though a theory may be correct, computations and outcomes ofter feature errors and typos, giving false predictions.

Artificial Intelligence

AI already has probability equations preinstalled into its cybernetic DNA. Before opening a buy or sell position, it has already made practically hundreds of calculations to determine its high probability of being closed in a profit. Hence, even with high volatility, AI helps you make a decision that can be most lucrative for you.

Money management

Individual Trader

Following money management, being consistent in the decision-making process and risk assessment are key factors for successful investments. Any experimental or alternative move results in exponentially higher losses.

Artificial Intelligence

The AI can work for you at any time of the day and any time of the week while you are having a good night’s sleep. You can be sure that no boundaries are crossed and unnecessary risks are taken.

There are uncountable cases when an individual trader can lose money - let's look at a few examples:

Incorrect Trend Spotting

Investor is looking only at the chart from the last 5 days, not analyzing how the chart behaves over the longer period, and misses some potential “red lights” this happens because a human brain can only process and analyze data for a short time. It does not have the capacity to work 24/7 like AI, which on the other hand can process large amount of data all the time without any error. It is very common for a person to neglect some details because of the limited capacity of the brain, causing loss in business. Whereas with AI, no error can be made.

Incorrect Variance Assesment

Let’s take another example, imagine if an investment is making losses for a certain period of time, the investor will get scared of the loss and will probably close it with the fear of making more loss. What if he had looked, analyzed the trend, took into account the average price variance and waited for some time he would have got better results and the price should have jumped back. Where as, its not the case with AI it does not have fear of making loss as emotions are not present.

News Bias

2022 stock market crash: Many individual traders went into a great loss after the stock market crash that happened after the COVID-19 recession, 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, 2021-22 inflation surge and 2021-2022 global supply chain crisis and lost almost all of their money. 

In this scenario, most of the people would have stopped investing because of the fear of losing again as they saw the stock market crashing but AI would have reacted in a different way and waited for the market to go up again.

How AI Helps You Prevent The Most Hurtful Investment Mistakes And Amplify Your Investment Profits To Previously Unattained Heights

As you can see, the AI-powered algorithms is the only option to make higher-than-avergae profit on financial markets with little to no risk. It is the future and will make our lives more easy, with increased efficiency, improved workflows, lower human error rates, deeper data analysis and more informed decision making 24/7.

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